Testing and technical diagnostics

From the laboratory to baking checks, find out more about our tests on wheat, flour and finished products

Your expectations

  • You are in the milling business and you want to check the quality of the pure varieties of your wheat or milling mixes. You need advice on choosing a particular variety or on designing a model.
  • You are an entrepreneur and you want to guarantee a regular supply of the flour that you use in your manufacturing process
  • You want to check the quality of the flour used in your bakery

Our solutions

Our Technical Centre can conduct tests on your behalf and provide you with technical advice through its two skills centres; our physical/chemical laboratory and our Baking Centre.

ervices provided by our physical/chemical laboratory

  • On wheat
    Buhler milling, specific weight, humidity, proteins, mycotoxin detection etc.
  • On flour
    Chopin alveographs, Hagberg drop index, farinograph, ash content, damaged starch etc.

Services provided by our Baking Centre

  • Baking checks (CNERMA and BIPEA methods)
    Inspecting the consistency and quality of the products
  • Training Centre: (the centre is approved by the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment)
    Training in good bakery practices and using MILLBÄKER products.
  • Technical assistance and advice
    Consultancy on wheat models, optimisation advice, optimisation of correction costs.
  • Custom-made products and corrections

Keep up to date on new Harvests with our New Harvest Letters

Every new harvesting season, we receive over 400 samples of wheat and milling mixes that provide us with a representative overview of the quality of the harvesting season in France.
We give our clients access to the results drawn from this data, backed up with advice via 2 “New Harvest Letters”.
Consult our New Harvests Letters for 2015 below:

Send us your samples

Our teams are at your disposal to conduct tests on your wheat and flour samples, either on an ad hoc basis or regularly.

Our experts can provide you with immediate, personalised answers to suit your specific needs. We can also provide you with a range of personalised services.

Speak to our Head of Sales to see what services we can provide you.

Information request

  • Ingrédients technologiques
    Technological ingredients
  • Correcteurs Technologiques et Aromatiques
    Flavour and technological correctors
  • Correcteurs multi application
    Multi-purpose correctors


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