Industry improvers

Improvers adapted to respond to industrial requirements and the diversity of baking products

Your expectations

  • Are you having a problem with the volume, aspect, preservation of your industrial baking products?
  • Are you having a problem with the tolerance, stickiness of your industrial lines?
  • Do you want to become more profitable and competitive by optimising your recipes?
  • Do you want to replace certain raw materials in your formulations to embark on a Clean Label policy?


Our solutions

Product-specific industry improvers

Your expectations Our Expertise
Rheological optimisation Volume – Crustiness – Freshness – Moistness, etc…
Sensory optimisation Saveur – Couleur – Odeur – Aspect visuel etc.
Improved profitability Hydration optimisation
Guaranteed consistency of finished product
Recipe reformulation
Adaptation to clean label standard, etc…

Our areas of expertise: doughnuts, tortillas, biscuits, speciality breads, brioches, baguettes, etc…

Process-specific industry improvers

Your expectations Our Expertise
Adaptation to your production process Rheol Industry range:
RHEOL Frozen, RHEOL Raw frozen, RHEOL Precooked, RHEOL pre-cooked frozen
Personalised solution Speak to our technical experts for a personalised solution

Personalised solutions

Because your products deserve to be unique, our teams at the Technical Centre create personalised, confidential industry improvers to your own specifications

From direct to pre-cooked frozen products, our technical solutions are adapted to your production lines and specifications to guarantee your performance and the quality of your products.

Our improvers can also be formulated to comply with organic or Clean Label standards.

Information request

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