Innovation Concepts

Our innovation policy is constructed on three major aspects: plant germination, nutritional expertise and anticipation of consumer trends

Germination expertise

In our Research & Development cluster, our specialist teams of engineers study:

  • The organoleptic benefits associated with sprouted grains, how to obtain new soft or crunchy textures and new plant flavours.
  • The technological benefits of sprouted grains on breadmaking products: better conservation, softer result.
  • The natural evolution of the dietary contribution generated by the grain sprouting process.

Developed from this unique know-how, our range of yeasts with malted, sprouted cereals constitutes a veritable lever of differentiation for bakery professionals.

Nutritional Expertise

Since our creation, we have developed specific expertise in the formulation of nutritional solutions to meet the requirements of consumers and regulations.

  • A product offering, the nutritional profiles of which meet the dietary concerns of consumers (e.g. increased fibre content, increased protein content, less fat and salt, etc.). 
  • Ranges of products tailored to specific diets  (preparations with reduced carbohydrate content)
  • Nutritional formulation assistance to our customers
    In keeping with our formulation expertise, we make ingredients with nutritional benefits available to our customers and give recommendations on incorporation and use.

Expertise with Trends

Along with our formulation expertise, the anticipation of markets allows us to offer ranges of products in keeping with current trends. 

  • Natural authenticity


Clean Label
An essential area of our development policy is our work on the simplification of our formulations and labelling to offer our consumers a guarantee of healthy, natural products.


  • Nutritional and Environmental Commitment


Biological produts
Healthy products and an environmental conscience are the two key values that we wished to emphasise in our approval process for the production and wholesaling of organic products.


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Bleu Blanc Cœur approach
Directly related to our nutritional and environmental commitment is our membership of the Bleu Blanc Coeur association via our mix and premix for Pepsane baguettes. 



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Our solutions


  • La gamme diététique « Sans Gluten »
    «Gluten-free» dietary range
  • La Gamme graines germées
    Germinated grains specialities


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