Mixes and Premixes for bread, cakes and pastries and sweet buns

Mixes and Premixes (or concentrates) are breadmaking solutions to allow bakers to make a wide range of special breads, high-taste baguettes, pastry and cake products and sweet buns in a quick and easy manner.

Mix and Premix concepts

  • Composition: Mixes and premixes generally consist of a base flour (wheat, rye or other), sensory ingredients (seeds, flakes, malts) and technological ingredients depending on the final applications of the products (fat, milk powder, enzymes, emulsifiers, etc.).
  • What is the difference between Mix and Premix?
    • A Mix is a ready-to-use solution that contains all the elements required to prepare finished products, with the exception of water, yeast and salt that the baker needs to add during kneading.
      A 100% quantity is therefore needed.
    • A Premix (or concentrate) is used in a 10% to 50% quantity. It contains only a little base flour. The baker therefore has to complete a Premix with flour and then add water, salt and yeast when kneading.

What advantages does this offer to bakers?

Ease of use / Time saved

The use of Mixes and Premixes reduces the number of raw materials used to prepare the finished product.  This simplification saves time and limits the risk of error when using products.

Regularity, Performance and Quality of products

The Mixes and Premixes developed by our Technical Centre come from carefully selected and verified raw materials. Every product meets the requirements of strict specifications, guaranteeing its technical and organoleptic profile and safety 

An original range of varied products:

Bakers have a wide range of products at their disposal to meet the various requirements of their customers and changes in consumption trends: traditional or modern products, local specialities or renowned bakery classics.


Our Solutions

Check out our 5 main families of mixes and premixes

  • Les Plaisirs Pâtisseries
    Mixes "Pastry Pleasures Fondesse®"
  • Les Plaisirs Viennoiseries
    "Pastry Pleasures" mixes and premixes
  • Les Rustiques
    "Rustics" Mixes and Premixes
  • Les Découvertes
    “Novelties” range of mixes and premixes
  • Les Essentiels
    “Essentials” range of mixes and premixes


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