The Bäker Inclusion concept

The inclusions are mixtures of ingredients incorporating directly to mess with the aim to bring the taste, color and texture in a simple and practical baked goods, pastries, pastry.

The Bäker Inclusion concept: User manual


  • When you make your dough for the day
    1. Take a small sample of the dough

    2. Add your favourite BÄKER INCLUSION mix to your sample dough

    3. Run it in the processor for 2 to 3 minutes to get a homogenous mixture

  • Result
    From one same batch of dough, you can make new, diversified products without any extra work!

What are the advantages for the bakery?

1. Time-saving:

With the BÄKER INCLUSION concept there is no need to make several types of dough to be able to vary the types of speciality breads.

2. Error-free:

Products from the BÄKER INCLUSION range can be added to the dough in single doses. Because you only have to add one product to the dough, there is no risk of adding too much or too little. Therefore, production is practically error-free.

3. Personalised offer:

The user is free to use their creativity to adapt our recipes to their liking, by simply varying the quantities used or adding other ingredients. Other complementary suggestions from our range of products are also available for a more gourmet line-up.

4. New products every year:

This seasonal or festive range is updated on a yearly basis to reflect current trends. There is no better way for you to add spice to your line-up and to jazz up your point of sale than with up to the minute products.


Our solutions

  • Gamme Inclusions topping
    La gamme Bäker Inclusion topping
  • Gamme Inclusions sucrées
    Bäker Sweet Inclusion range of products
  • Gamme inclusions salées
    Bäker savoury Inclusion range of products


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