“Low Glycaemic Index” dietary range

Discover our expertise in making dietary and non-dietary products with a low Glycaemic Index

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Discover our “Low Glycaemic Index” formulation expertise

  • Understanding the low glycaemic index concept

    All food items containing carbohydrates increase the quantity of sugars in the blood in different ways. This is what we call the Glycaemic Index (GI)..
    Thanks to our work on creating formulations aimed at reducing carbohydrate content and a balanced composition of proteins, fibres and fats, our teams have created the “Diabemix” preparation, a preparation for a bread type with low glycaemic index.
  • Who is diabemix aimed at?

    Our low glycaemic index bread helps spread glucose in the blood during the day. Therefore, it is a dietary ally for people mindful of their weight, sports men and women and children.
    The consumption of reduced carbohydrate and Low Glycaemic Index products may be recommended by the doctor as part of a cure for certain diabetics.


Our solutions Low Glycaemic Index


The diabemix preparation for bread

Diabemix is a mixture of various types of flours with very weak IG. It is different from other types of bread made from grains as it is made from the trio of novelty grains, Chia, Quinoa and Hemp.

Nutritional tests conducted on the diabemix® preparation in comparison with ordinary bread (T55) show that it is:

  • Low in carbohydrates (therefore, it can be recommended by doctors as part of the diet for certain diabetics).
  • Rich in fibres
  • A source of proteins
  • Low in salt



To help optimise nutrition, this product is made without additives or preservatives and is part of our Clean Label policy.

Packaging: 100% mix / 50% premix



Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the diabemix preparation and Low Glycaemic Index?

Visit our consumer website, www.diabemix.com.

Our teams are at your disposal to answer your questions about personalised products and healthy nutrition.

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